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REFUND Program

What is the IVF refund program?

The IVF Refund program enables patients to save at least 1/3 on up to three IVF or Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment. Dependent upon your age, you can choose a three-cycle IVF plan or either 50%, 75% of fees if your treatment is not successful. Opting for the IVF Refund plan offers good chances of success as you’re able to receive upto three IVF cycles at a discounted fee. A plan like the IVF Refund program makes the process significantly cheaper and affordable compared to paying for each cycle separately.

Who is eligible for the IVF Refund program?

The IVF Refund program is available to all patients aged 35 years and under. To qualify for treatment, you must:

  • Be aged 35 or under
  • Using your own eggs/ovum
  • Undergo a medical review prior to treatment

It is important to note that different cycles of treatment, and their according refund plans, are available to different age groups.

  • Patients aged under 30 can access option which includes three cycles with a 75% refund if unsuccessful.
  • Patients in the 30–35 years age bracket can access three cycles with a 50% refund if unsuccessful.
What is included in the IVF Refund program?

AngelLife IVF refund program include all the essential aspects of your IVF or ICSI treatments

  • Cycle monitoring
  • Egg collection
  • Embryo transfer
  • Freezing and storage

Each program includes embryo freezing & sperm freezing and 6 months of storage.

Extra treatment benefits – Blastocyst culture

The package also includes blastocyst culture. Because a blastocyst culture takes longer, it would normally cost extra. On the IVF Refund program, it’s included in the package. Whereas during a standard cycle the embryos would be developed for two to three days in a lab, blastocyst culture takes five to six days and can mean an increased chance of pregnancy & a live birth.

At AngelLife IVF we believe that financial restraints should not hinder our patients & potential parents in their quest for a child, so we have partnered with various banks & financial institutions to provide the IVF loan facility and E.M.I facility to the IVF treatment.

Our Partners:

  • HDFC Bank
  • Pine Labs
  • Bajaj Finance